Saturday, 6 May 2017

The Mole People

I am delighted to have Pamellia back on board on sharing her thought on some excellent reads.

What a delightful read!  This is the best story I have read for a while.  It's full of interesting characters which are amazingly developed for such a short story, action and suspense. 

We start out with a father and young girl, his baby, waiting for a subway train in the wee hours of the morning.  The train is not on time, so waiting at 1:30 am becomes frustrating for the father and a bit scary for the little girl. She has heard stories of people who live underneath the subways in the many tunnels.  Her father assures her these people do not exist and there is no reason to be frightened.

The train does arrive and that's when the story really takes off.  There are twist and turns for the train and also the story.  Not too much more I can say without giving away the ending.I love a story that can be read in one sitting and this was such a story.  

There was a lot to it for only a few pages, I think less than 25.  We get to know the characters, their emotions and their deeply guarded grieves and fears.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well written story.  5 stars for a wonderful job!  I always enjoy Mr. Light's stories, but this has got to be my favorite so far.  

5 Stars

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Great Mix of Fun and Fantasy

What happens in those RPG worlds when the last dice is rolled and the DM ends the session. Do the NPC's (Non Playing Characters to those not in the know) vanish or do their lives continue on away from those pesky and stupid adventurers? Drew Hayes uses is 20+ story telling skills to answer just these questions.

NPC'S is a cracking yarn that will bring a grin to all that have rolled a 20 sided dice to see if they have made a critical hit. This story is a delightful mix of fantasy, adventure and humour and I will definitely be returning to this particular world again.

4.5 Stars

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Deeply Disturbing

This book delivers a strangely enthralling and utterly disturbing read. Lionel Shriver very quickly pulls you into this masterpiece of fiction that is one of those books that is hard to explain. It tells the story of a Mothers recollections of raising her son that ends up on a mass murdering rampage.

But this is not what makes this book disturbing it is the interplay between the characters and what I can best describe as emotional manipulation that gets to you. If you have some lingering doubts about your little cherubs then avoid this book at all costs.

4.5 Stars

Friday, 17 March 2017

Classic Arachnid Horror

Came A Spider is a blast from the past with the book being released first in 1979, in what I consider the start of the golden age of horror. As one would expect from the title this book is not for those who have an aversion to our arachnid friends.

Whilst the plot is nothing new Levy delivers it in a highly entertaining and hair raising manner. The spiders are straight out terrifying and has your skin crawling all through the book. The book is somewhat dulled a little bit by the passing of time but that is to be expected. It touches on some modern day issues like global warming which I found very interesting.

This book is one or the classic horror fans out there. I am very glad I came across a second hand copy of this book and intend to explore Edward Levy more.

3.5 Stars

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

History of Cling Wrap

Plastic wrap is such a common and ordinary thing you can find in every house every day. If you have food left over after a meal it is sometimes quite common to put them in a plate and cover them with this film. The idea is to cover and seal off any food you want to put inside containers in order to keep them fresh. Its invention is credited to Ralph Wiley from Dow Chemical.

You will usually get plastic wrap in rolls contained in boxes. Each box usually comes with a cutting edge to make cutting the plastic film a lot easier. Every plastic film sticks to containers like an adhesive sealing food tight. It takes on different names depending on the location. In the United Kingdom, it’s called a cling-film. Some people in the United States call it cling wrap while it is called glad wrap.

Invention of the Plastic Wrap

The very first sheet of plastic ever used for wrapping anything was called cellophane. It was invented by Jacques Brandenberger, a Swiss chemist, in 1911. It was used as packaging and was quite favored due to the fact that it was transparent. However, it was never used to wrap or seal food. Needless to say, that isn’t the same as the plastic wrap that we use nowadays. The plastic wrap that we are familiar with is used primarily to wrap or cover food.

Saran is the very first sheet of plastic to be used to wrap food. Saran or Saran Wrap is a trade name of Dow Chemical. This actually refers to various polymers and monomers that has properties that act like a barrier. Compared to other plastics, this plastic wrap is able to contain aroma molecules, flavor, and water vapor more efficiently. Using this thin sheet of plastic helps in preserving food while retaining your dish’s aroma and flavor.

Who Invented Plastic Wrap

The invention of the modern plastic wrap is credited to Ralph Wiley, a lab worker for Dow Chemical. He accidentally discovered it while in the process of creating a dry cleaning product. However, Ralph Wiley’s invention wasn’t first used to wrap food. It was first used as a spray making a protective layer on fighter planes. It was only in 1949 when it was developed to keep food fresh.

Appreciating the Invention

Ralph Wiley’s wrap is quite a common thing we see almost every day. Looking into its accidental creation shows an act of pure serendipity. Today, his work benefits hundreds of households worldwide as a way to keep food fresh and flavorful.

Thursday, 23 February 2017


Squall delivers a good ole fashion action packed thriller that I thoroughly enjoyed. This is my first sample of Sean Costello's and I will by trying another offering in the near future.

The story is well developed with some great characters. The hard working man, the bumbling loser who can't seem to get it together, the spiteful girlfriend, the wronged drug dealer and the hired muscle all come together in the most unlikely way. So if you like your thrillers gritty and violent with a great twist then this is for you.

3.5 Stars

Sunday, 12 February 2017

I Will Survive

As a avid horror fan I jumped for joy when I saw this title, I mean how can you say no to it. This book had me in stiches and took me back to me teenage days of the good ole gore horror.
The book is cut up into helpful chapters that cove most genres of horror. It tells you if you have a chance or if you are next to get it. It also tells you how you are going to die in all of the grisly details. The author has a wicked sense of humour that shines through this master piece of survival literature.

5 Stars