Saturday, 8 December 2012

My Book Addiction

I am a hopeless, tragic, sad and slightly disturbed book addict. I have always loved reading but it was not until about two years ago it became an addiction. It all started with the purchase of a Kindle, that sleek enchantress of a gadget. This got me cruising for books on Amazon, from there I joined the Goodreads website and from there on it was a descent into book oblivion.

I would like to point out I am not a book racist I read both e-books and tree books. I read most genres but I will not touch Romance or Westerns, so if that’s your poison I’ll see you later. My favourite genre is history and in particular World War II. But this year I have embraced the fiction genre and my to be read list (TBR) has growing by a frightening amount. I have particularly started to read and enjoy books by indie authors and am so much better for it.

So why am I an addict? Could be that I average 70 books read a year. Could be that I have both on my Kindle and sitting on my shelf, enough books to see me through 3 years, but yet I keep buying books. Or maybe that I don’t feel complete unless I read at least for 30 minutes a day. But I think that it is all these things combined.

What do I like so much about reading? It can take you any place any time, and through the words on the page I learn and expand my knowledge on all sorts of subjects. I love that unexpected read that you pick up on a whim, like a great book on the history of tea that caught my eye, or another about exploring super caves, or the catching title The Bear Ate My Pants that ended up being a fantastic book. I could go on for ages listing the reason why I love books and the thrill of reading them.

I would love to hear from others out there about their book addictions, I promise you won’t be judged.

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