Thursday, 6 December 2012

My Favourite New Author for 2012

This is an easy one! My favourite new author for the year is Hugh Howey. For those of you that have yet to experience this author I suggest you start with:

Wool Omnibus Edition

This is a collection of the 5 books in his breakout series Wool and is a fantastic read. My reviews on these books follow as well as my review on his unique views on Zombies in:

I, Zombie

Both of these books got me starting to read outside of my normal History genre and are responsible for contributing to my book habit (more on this habit in further posts).



 This is by far one the best Dystopian series of books I have ever read. The story sucks you in and never lets you go. Leaving you gasping for breath at times. To say that this has been a good year for Hugh Howey is an an understatement. He has gone from an independent author on Amazon to having his book appearing in paperback in book stores as far away as the little wind swept Island where I reside in Tasmania. As well as appearing in the NY times best seller list, he has the master of Science fiction film Ridley Scott option the film rights to Wool. So if that does not grab your interest I give up!

The story as a whole gets 5 stars

I think it is safe to say I liked this next book.

I, Zombie 

How many ways did I like thee, let me count:

1. It's about Zombies....enough said
3. It bring a perspective to the tired old Zombie genre that is like a refreshing rain on a Spring day
4. It is AWESOME
5. It had me hanging out for me next chance to delve into its pages.
6. Did I mention it ROCKS...I think I did.

Hugh Howey keeps going from strength to strength delivering one good read after the next This is one author to definitely keep your eyes on. Lets hope there is a We Zombie in the wings waiting to feed on the unsuspecting reader.

This book gets 5 stars as well

As well as writing great books Hugh Howey is a really nice bloke as well. How do I know this? Because he takes time out to talk to those who reviews his books and also has a great blog where he keeps in touch with his devotees like the Lazy Book Reviewer. Below is a link to his blog, if you like his books hop on board because I have a feeling that 2013 is going to be a huge year for this author.

Hugh Howey

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