Thursday, 13 December 2012

One Hell of A Ride!

I have a huge  fascination with Afghansitan. This beatiful but deadly counrty has been torn by war through the ages, and it's people have repelled all that have come to conquer them. Despite all the war the people have a truly caring and welcoming side to them. This country unlike any other has two clear sides to it, it is this that draws me to books about it.

My first book review covers the current war, but in the future I will be bringing books about the people and their culture as well.

Immediate Response by Mark Hammond

The author takes us on one hell of a roller-coaster ride through the Helmand district of Afghanistan, giving us a unique view of the war from the cockpit of his Chinook. It is easy to see why so many pilots have a love affair with these huge ungainly looking machines. Hardly altered since coming into service in the 60’s, these birds can take a huge thumping why still being able to perform their varied roles.

The bravery shown by the pilots and crews of these helicopters is truly breath taking. They put their life on the line time and time again to deliver help and support to the troops on the ground. So buckle in and get ready to experience the madness of being a Chinook pilot in Afghanistan. I hope you bought a spare pair of undies.

4 Stars

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