Thursday, 6 December 2012

So it begins...

Welcome to my first attempt at being a blogger!

So what is this blog about? Well this blog is about my love of books both reading and reviewing them. I am an avid member of the Goodread fraternity but I felt that I wanted to share my love of books to a wider audience. As this blogs title suggest I am a lazy book reviewer if you you want in-depth reviews as nearly as long as the book itself you have come to the wrong place. Also I don't want to spend hours on a review because that is time I could have spent reading my next book. What I deliver is short reviews on the books I am reading hoping to get right to the core of it. My reviews cover two main points:

1. Is it worth your time and effort to read it?
2. What it delivers to you the reader?

Sounds straight forward and simple and I hope that is how it pans out. I'll kick this off with some of my reviews on my favourite reads this year.

Warning there will be no reviews on romance or western novels on this blog. I read a wide variety of books but under no circumstance will I ever read any of the above mentioned genres.

So sit back and enjoy as over the next few days I review my favourite books of 2012 and also the worst book I have read. I hope these reviews help you chose some great books and take you on some fantastic journeys without leaving the house.

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