Thursday, 6 December 2012

Worst Book I read in 2012

Here it goes my first blog book review.

I thought I would start it off on a sour note with the worst read of the year for me. I was put onto this book after hearing the author, who is also the lead singer of one of my favourite bands Slip Knot, talking about it on Triple J. I will use the tried and tested 5 star review method to rate the books on this blog. I might get creative and change to some other cool method later on but I doubt it.

Seven Deadly Sins by Correy Taylor

For some reason this book made it into the Sunday and New York Times Best Seller List. For the life of me I can not understanding why because as my review shows I could not finish this book.


I could not bring myself to finish this book. I really enjoyed the first couple of chapters but then it started to wear thin really quick. Reminded me of talking to an annoying drunk guy at a party you can't get away from. Still a fan of his music just not his literary rumblings.

0 Stars

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