Friday, 18 January 2013

Hit the Afterburner

Viper Pilot by Dan Hampton

While this was an entertaining read about the career of one of the top F-16 pilots, I found his arrogance held me back from really enjoying this book. The author gives a great background to the plane and the missions he flew. His main role being a "Wild Weasel" pilot. This involves flying around trying to get a SAM fire at you so your wingman can take it out.

I have a new found respect for F-16 pilots after reading this back and was in awe of the skill and dedication it takes to fly one of these planes. But like I said his arrogance shines through in many parts of the book, and if I was a pilot of some of the other aircraft he talks about I would be more than annoyed. He tries to pass his arrogance off as confidence but I don't buy it. Still it was an enjoyable read giving you a great feel of what it is like to be a pilot during war time in this great plane.

3 Stars

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