Saturday, 19 January 2013

The Short Story

Whether you know them as a novelette or a short story, this style of writing has made a comeback in the era of e-books. They can act as a taster for indie authors or they can become a running series just like your favourite TV show. Whatever the reason they have become popular, I for one am a fan of this form of writing. So here is a small selection of some of my favourites.

A father battles through a city gridlocked with zombies to reach his home, and hopefully to save his family. The story ends with a cliffhanger that has you heading back to buy the next book.

4.5 Stars

This books starts off without taking a breath from the explosive end of the first book. It grabs you by your hand and drags kicking and screaming through the pages. Do I want more....HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!

4.5 Stars

A Dragon's path to Ascension by J.C Harker

A great short story that doesn't skimp on plot or action. An interesting and refreshing take on dragons, that engages the reader and sets the imagination free.

4 Stars

This short book packs one hell of punch. It tells the unknown story of the signature wound inflicted on troops in the current Afghanistan conflict. This wound is cause by the use of IED's on infantry and it's not what you think, hint take a look where the target is on the cover. The strength of character show by these soldiers suffering from this wound is truly humbling.

4 Stars

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