Thursday, 14 February 2013

A Great Ending

One of the pleasures of reviewing books is receiving free copies for an honest review. Now this sometimes does have the downside of wasting time on reading an absolute stinker of a book. As you would expect authors are very nervous to see how their babies will be received. I have always had the policy of being totally honest with my thoughts on their work. At times this has led to some rather nasty emails in my inbox. But this I hope will not be the case with this book as it is a corker!

The Last Stonestepper by Elliot Logan

After receiving this book in exchange for an honest review the first thing I can say about it is I would have happily payed for it. The story is refreshingly original and I found it hard to put down.

A mysterious event has befallen the US with people being reduced to either a mindless staring bunch or a blood crazed violent hoard. Not all are affected by the event though and the story follows a character by the name of Hayes, as he tries to get back home to his girlfriend. The ending of this book was very powerful and left me stunned.

So do yourself a favour and give this book a read, you will not be sorry.

4 Stars


  1. A win-win! A free book and it was worth your time. Why does the US keep getting hit with all these zombie attacks? Does it say something about how the world perceives us in America? :)

  2. I can't comment on the worlds perception of the US but it is a common theme. I have read one set in Spain :) Technically this was more a bio weapon that turned peoples brains to mush. Turned them into a "Zombie like state".

  3. Well, at least Spain has had one attack :) As a zombie fan I guess I'm okay with it if it means more great shows like "The Walking Dead" :)