Saturday, 9 February 2013

Is this the Future?

Forty Days at Kamas by Preston Fleming

I was slow to embrace this book but once the hook was set I was in for the ride. Forty Days at Kamas is set in a USA totalitarian state, in which it does not take much to be labelled a traitor.

The story is set around a labour camp in Utah known as Kamas and the uprising that takes place against the oppressive prison regime. Very Stalinist like in their nature, these labour camps are designed to crush the soul and spirit of those imprisoned behind the walls. As a Correctional officer I feel Preston Fleming has done a fantastic job creating the people and atmosphere of Kamas. He has picked up and created the underlying tension that is present in any prison. 

A great story line keeps the book moving along at a fast exciting place. What is so frightening about this book is that is not to much a stretch of the imagination to believe it could really happen.

3.5 Stars 

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