Sunday, 24 February 2013

Prison riot + One Vampire= Action Galore

Blood Cell by Shaun Tennant

Who do you call when a wing of hardened criminals decided to riot? Easy you get a vampire to do your dirty work. I have to admit that I was wondering when the vampire would materialise in this story as the front half of the book sets up our main characters and story. For someone who has not worked in a prison the author has a remarkable grasp of the dynamics that exist in these environments(just to clarify I work as a correctional officer). But when the action starts it hits home hard and fast. I found this book hard to put down and it was responsible for more than a couple of late nights.

4 Stars


  1. Ok, this looks good. Prison and vampires? Blood Cell? What a title. I'm in.

  2. I was amazed at how well the author conveyed the underlying stress and politics of a prison. I asked him if he had ever been in or worked in a prison. He said he had not which amazed me even more he really nailed it.