Saturday, 2 February 2013

Soldaten Ticks all the Boxes

Soldaten: On Fighting, Killing & Dying by Sonke Neitzel & Harald Welzer

For me this book ticked all the boxes and was a highly enjoyable read. It takes the time to explain the mind set of Werchmat soldiers and explains how the normalization of violence experienced by any front line troops occurs.

 A fantastic study into the world during the war and those who fought in it. Through the transcripts of German POW's the author pulls apart the social and human aspects of war and soldiers and shows it in a crystal clear perspective.

This book should be mandatory reading of any military leadership group as the lesson to be learnt goes to the heart of man at war. In short it pulls apart what it is to be a soldier and lays it bare for all to see.

5 Stars

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