Monday, 11 February 2013

The Lazy Book Reviewers Rant #1

After some serious soul searching and belly button contemplation I have arrived at my number one pet hate when it comes to books. For those well versed in my book review it will came as no surprise to you, but for some reason it took much self reflection to discover it. It mainly deals with memoirs and autobiographies. What is it a hear you ask? Well here it is. I can not stand arrogant authors. No you are not self confident nor are you cool or hip. What you are is bloody annoying. I do not need to be told how good you are. I can figure that out myself. Let the words and deeds you put to paper be a testament to your greatness. I as a reader am not stupid, I can deduct if you are particularly good at something or a self sacrificing soul. To put it bluntly, LET GO OF IT!

Let’s take the example of my recently reviewed book Ghost in the Wire by Kevin Mitnick. It was abundantly clear that he is a gifted and intelligent individual and I was fascinated by how he manipulated people to give up sensitive information. His story was truly fascinating, but that big old head of his tired it hardest to ruin the book. His constant patting of his own back drove me to distraction. At one point I seriously contemplated chucking the book in the bin. What could have been a solid 5 star read was nearly ruined.

On the other side of the coin we have Apache helicopter pilot Ed Macy who is the author of Apache and Hellfire. This author who continually put his life on the line in the service of his country and who’s actions were above and beyond the calling of his duties, let the words on the page tell his story. Not once did he jump around with his hand in the air shouting look at me. His humility spoke of his true nature and strength, here was an author that was happy for the reader to male up their mind about him.

So in conclusion PLEASE if you are going to write a book about yourself make sure you have your head removed from you rectum before you put pen to paper. For the sake of humanity and all things decent please let the reader decide how good you are.


  1. I feel so much better with that off my chest.

  2. I knew your recent read was rather frustrating. I think you started off with a one star and moved it up to 2.5 if I saw it right on Goodreads. :) I am in 100% agreement with you!

  3. You saw right. Once I moved his ego aside I could glance at the interesring story he had to tell.

  4. Okay, at least I know I wasn't seeing things. It caught my attention as I rarely see you with a one star rating. Glad you could see around the author's big ego and rate it a bit more favorably.