Tuesday, 9 April 2013

A Timely Read

Escape From Camp 14 by Blaine Harden


This book was a fascinating look into the North Korean labour camp system told from the eyes of an ex-resident of one of the worse. The main character of this book, Sing is born into the world of the North Korean penal camps. He knew of no other world and was raised in a brutal world were snitching on anyone, even your family, was encouraged and rewarded. A dystopian vision of hell lifted right of the pages of a fiction book. This book and the knowledge of that these camps still exist to this day leaves you asking the question, how can it be allowed to happen. The days of concentration camps and gulags are still flourishing in North Korea.

The author by following the subject through his early life and his awakening to the reality that there was a world passing on by outside of the camps wire, takes into the ideology and the reality of life in North Korea.

The only person ever known to escape camp 14 his insight to this hell is invaluable. But his ability to adapt to life in a free world is a painful struggle. That to this day Sing has not come to terms with. The paranoia and mistrust learnt from birth is hard for him to overcome.

4 Stars

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