Monday, 1 April 2013

Bobl Delivers The Goods Again

Point Apocalypse by Alex Bobl

Alex Bobl delivers yet another top notch Sci-Fi Thriller. This story travels along at a cracking pace and demands you pay attention. Another world accidently discovered when a worm hole is opened up after a military accident is used as the ultimate banishment destination. A world that is one of survival and day to day living. Our hero is a ex-soldier banished for the murder of another soldier this once bio-enhanced tool of death is being used unknowingly as a tool of other means. Without giving to much away we learn of his true reason for banishment as he discovers it himself. A Sci-Fi thriller that leaves you satisiifed and entertained
4.5 Stars
About the Author
Alex (Aleksei) Bobl is a science fiction writer, author of 13 novels. An ex-paratrooper, he used his military knowledge and experience to write his debut novels for S.T.A.L.K.E.R., a bestselling science fiction action adventure series set in a post-apocalyptic Chernobyl.

Alex started writing in 2007 when he joined Russia's biggest writing community Samizdat. He submitted his first stories to several online writing contests at the same time as he discovered the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game. He then came up with his first original story featuring military stalkers.

At Samizdat, Alex met Andrei Levitski. Together, they co-authored The Zone Warriors, Alex's first novel for the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series. However, due to marketing considerations, his byline didn't appear on the book. In the process of novel research, the two co-authors visited the Chernobyl nuclear power station and traveled across the entire Exclusion Zone, witnessing many deserted towns and villages, including the ill-fated towns of Chernobyl and Prypiat. In 2009, Alex published his second novel, A Quantum Bullet, featuring the adventures of two military stalkers, Labus and Camper.

The same year Alex and Andrei came up with a new eight-novel project. Entitled TechnoTma ("tma" meaning "darkness" in Russian), it depicts a post-apocalyptic world after The Peril. The first novel to come out was Password Eternity, followed by The Wastelands Clans, Barbarians of the Crimea, Jager and The Sand Blues. After that, Andrei Levitski started working on a sequel to The Wastelands Clans, while Alex Bobl wrote the final books of the series, The Fall of the Skies and The Last Battle, where all the protagonists unite in order to confront the enemy and get to the roots of The Peril.

After that, the two co-authors continued working together, writing a novella for a TechnoTma anthology The Wastelands Legends, out in April 2012. And a month later, the German release of TechnoTma followed. The eight books of TechnoTma had a total print run of over 250,000 copies and have been translated into German and Spanish. Talks are now under way about translating TechnoTma into English.

Alex's next project, a standalone novel Memoria. A Corporation of Lies, came out in February 2012 to controversial reviews. A SF action thriller dramatically different from his earlier works, it tells the story of a lone fighter who challenges the power-grabbing plans of an international corporation capable of erasing people's memories. After that he wrote novel Point Apocalypse - a sci-fi action adventure set in the near future.

Alex now works on his new novel, working title Virus Z, due to come out in English in the end of 2013. He lives in Moscow with his wife and two boys

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