Wednesday, 8 May 2013

A Suprising & Refreshing Read

A Sealed Fate by Lisa Gordon
I went into this book with some reservations as it is not my normal style. But I am glad I picked it up and read it. This book is not a fast paced one but I found myself drawn into the story as it meanders its way through the pages. The characters were well developed and very easy to believe. This book for me delivered on numerous levels. There was the thriller aspect of the mysterious packages and the news clippings of seemingly accidental death being shoved under our main characters door. Then there was the relationship angle of the book that helped drive the story along. As for the ending all I can say is it was a well formulated and executed shift in the narrative of the book. To sum it up I was glad I took a chance with this book as I was well rewarded by a refreshing and entertaining read.
3.5 Stars

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