Tuesday, 21 May 2013

What You Can't See Can Kill You

Killer Germs by Barry E. Zimmerman & David J Zimmerman

This book is a wonderful and at times outright scary look at all those nasty germs and organisms that can kill us. The author has set the chapters out in a logical and easy to read manner. Having a very poor understanding on this subject matter I found the information easy to take in. A great mix of history, scientific facts and scenarios made this book a joy to read. The book is starting to show it's age a bit, but I found it fascinating to chase up some of the information that was pending when the book was written myself. This is kind of book that I know I will bore the hell out of my friends with the new knowledge it has gave me. The world of disease now lays open to me and I plan to read much more about it.

4 .5 Stars

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