Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Yet More Confessions

When do you know you have too many books?

Do I really need to by that book?

That is the question that faces me nearly daily. As you all know I have a book addiction and it is not getting any better. Currently I have over 100 unread books sitting on my Kindle and about 30 unread dead tree books sitting on my book shelf.I have also about 15 audiobook unlistened to. One would think that this is plenty of books to keep one happy for quite a while. So why do I keep on buying more and more books. I just have to have them. I like knowing they are their sitting for me and waiting for the time they are read and enjoyed.

So were to from here? Well as far as an addiction go this one is not that bad. The cost is relatively low and it does not impact on how I function in society or relate to other people. So I guess I’ll just stay hopelessly addicted to books and try to cut down a little bit. In the meantime I hope you all keep enjoying this Blog this fruit of my addiction.


Monday, 24 June 2013

A Well Balanced Read

Whirlwind delivers a thorough examination on the American bombing campaign on Japan during WWII. From the initial Doolittle raid to the dropping of the bomb that changed warfare forever, this book is an engaging read. When I finished reading this book I felt like I had a great understanding of the politics and the men who fought on both sides of this conflict. With saying that the main part of the book is centred around the Americans with just enough of the Japan side of the story told to balance it out.

The story it tells is the birth of Modern Day long range bombing doctrine and the devastation it wrought on Japan and it's people. The question can you justify total war on a entire population to end a war is left unanswered. But what the author gives you is facts to decide for yourself.

4 Stars

The Dictionary Was Never So Interesting

The Professor And The Madman by Simon Winchester

Who would think that the story of the Oxford Dictionary would be so entertaining? After reading this book I was in awe of the amount of work and dedication that went into making of the dictionary. After 50 years and the help of countless volunteers they only missed 4 words. This story tells the story in two parts that of the main editor and that of one of the main contributors. Can you guess which one is the Professor and who is the Madman?

By telling the story in this manner the author gives a great overview of Victorian England. Without giving the story away I found the look into the mental health care system of England fascinating. Finally what would a book on the dictionary be without giving some great examples of English and its origins? For me the making of the Oxford Dictionary ranks up there with one of the greatest wonders of the modern world.

3.5 Stars

Saturday, 22 June 2013

And The Winners Are.....

So comes to a close the Lazy Book Reviewers first book give away. I would like to thank everyone who entered the competition and Henry Martin for making the give away possible.

The winners of Mad Days Of Me: Escaping Barcelona Kindle books are:

Courtney Millington

Sarah Hanson

Trish Mcbride

Sarah Rodwell

Tonya Fisher

The winner of the main prize Mad Days Of Me trilogy in paperback signed by the author is:


A big congratulation to all our winners I will be in contact with you soon to get some details so I can get the prizes out to you. Keep a look out for more great book give aways coming soon.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Needed more Zombies

Floatila of the Dead by David P. Forsyth

Why I enjoyed the second instalment of the Sovereign Spirit Saga, it did not enthral me like the first book. This book settles into more of a political style with a great deal of the book taken up with the consolidation of the survivors armada and the growth of the main character as a leader. The logistics of feeding the survivors and assisting others are etched out in detail. There is still some awesome zombie fed action but not as much as I would have liked. Taken all this into consideration though the next book is set up for some great action. As the survivors look to carve out safe zones in the mass of zombies.

3 Stars

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Book Give Away Ends Soon

Just a quick reminder to get in your late entries for the great book give away. There are 5 Kindle copies of Mad Days of Me: Escaping Barcelona by Henry Martin up for grabs. As well as the signed Mad Days of Me Trilogy in paperback. I have provided a brief overview of each of the novels below for you to check out and links to my review of book one and two can also be found below.

So to recap all you need to do to enter is one of the following:

1. You can comment on this thread or the original give away thread.

2. Leave a comment on the Lazy Book Reviewer Facebook page.

3. Follow me on Twitter.

Links to my Twitter and Facebook page can be found on the side bar of this blog.

Mad Days of Me by Henry Martin
Trapped in the streets of Barcelona after falling victim to a heinous crime, without a passport or money, patience is Rudy’s only hope to make it out alive. Plunged into a world of street-dwelling derelicts in a city whose language he does not speak, struggling to maintain his decency and humanity while fighting off the ravages of slow starvation, patience proves to be an exhausting path. This is a story of human spirit in the face of the odds of survival stacked against him. This is a story of humanity’s worst nemesis – itself. It is the side of Barcelona you will not find in any tourist guide.
Review link

Mad Days of Me: Finding Eivissa
Astray on an unfamiliar island following his unconventional escape from Barcelona, without shelter and abandoned by his companions, an unlikely relationship becomes Rudy's only hope to settle down. Plunged into a world of uncontested authority, former lovers, and a past as perverted as his own, struggling to reconcile with his own mistakes, hope proves to be exhausting to hold on to. This is a story of human spirit in the face of the impossible. This is a story of perseverance, and the power of dreaming. It is a story of hope. This is the second book in the Mad Days of Me, trilogy.
Review link

Mad Days of Me: Eluding Reality
Inevitably separated from the woman who brought hope back to his life, Rudy leaves for France to seek seasonal employment. This simple journey, however, soon becomes a quest for self-discovery, which takes him through France, Italy, and Austria before he is able to return to Spain. Battling his inner demons as the lies he invented in order to survive close in on him, Rudy's sanity is tested in ways he would never imagine. This is a story of human spirit. This is a story of perseverance, and the power of love to transcend cultures, borders, and one's own past. It is a story of reconciliation.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

One Brutal Read

Prince Of Thorns by Mark Lawrence

Finally a book that lives up to the hype. A brutal book that make Game of Thrones look like a Dr Seuss book. Prince of thorns is a tale of revenge driven by pure hatred. But the book does not loose itself in this hatred. Instead what it delivers is a fast paced story that draws you in from the first chapter. The characters are well developed and despite their unsavoury side you find yourself willing them on. For me this is a smart and well plot driven novel that keeps you wondering what is on the next page. I will be searching out the next book in the trilogy and bumping it up my reading list.

4.5 Stars

Sunday, 16 June 2013

What Is The Difference Between a River and a Creek?

If you are like me I have often pondered what the heck is the difference between a river, creek, stream and brook. Investigating this matter on the great and wise web my I found that the word stream, creek and brook are interchangeable amongst themselves. They are quite often specific to the term local’s use. For example creek is very common in Australia whereas stream is found more in England.
So when does a creek or stream turn into a river? Well here is one of the best answers I found.

A river is a repository of fresh water and is a natural water course. It normally flows towards an ocean or sea. It joins a lake or another river too at times. A creek on the other hand is a small stream. A creek can also be a narrow channel between islands.

Geographers define creek as small rivers or rivulets. It is important to know that river is part of hydrological cycle. A creek on the other hand is described as a shallow tributary to a river. One of the main differences between a river and creek is their size. As a matter of fact a river is larger than a creek.

 A river is said to be a natural body of water that leads to an ocean or sea. On the contrary a creek is understood differently by different cultures. In British English creek means a narrow inlet of the sea, probably a sunken river valley. In Australia a creek means almost a river. It is interesting to note that a creek is called by other names such as a brook and a stream too in British English.
Geographers believe that although a creek is smaller than a river, there are some creeks that are considerably larger and longer than some rivers. In fact they are described as stronger than some rivers too. There are some large creeks and small rivers in the United States of America for that matter.

It is no hyperbole that there are few creeks that flow all through the year. Rivers on the other hand sometimes get dried due to extreme heat and precipitation and are likely to gain flow of water during rainy season. It is interesting to note that rivers flow downhill without taking the compass direction into consideration. It is indeed a misconception that rivers flow only from north to south.

 Sourced at
I hope you found this of interest I am planning to bring you more of the sam in the near future. As I hope to clarify terms and words that can confuse the hell out of me.


Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Not What The Cover Promises

Hell Above Earth by Stephen Frater

From the title of this book I was expecting an exciting true story of a life and death struggle in the cockpit of a WWII bomber. What I got instead was a book that could not make up it's mind what it wanted to be. The actual story mentioned in the title was not that exciting and made up only a small portion of the book. The author meanders from biography to a very general history.It tries to cover a wide range of subjects and fails. It felt to me that the author got lost in side stories, only to remember what he is meant to be writing about. Why this book is interesting in parts it schizophrenic nature made it very difficult for me to get into the story. This book could have been a great read if only the author could have made up his mind what he wanted from it.

2 Stars

Saturday, 8 June 2013

To Coin a Phrase

'To coin a phrase' is now rarely used with its original 'invent a new phrase' meaning but is almost always used ironically to introduce a banal or clichéd sentiment. This usage began in the mid 20th century; for example, in Francis Brett Young's novel Mr. Lucton's Freedom, 1940:

"It takes all sorts to make a world, to coin a phrase."

Coining, in the sense of creating, derives from the coining of money by stamping metal with a die. Coins - also variously spelled coynes, coigns, coignes or quoins - were the blank, usually circular, disks from which money was minted. This usage derived from an earlier 14th century meaning of coin, which meant wedge. The wedge-shaped dies which were used to stamp the blanks were called coins and the metal blanks and the subsequent 'coined' money took their name from them.

Coining later began to be associated with inventiveness in language. In the 16th century the 'coining' of words and phrases was often referred to. By that time the monetary coinage was often debased or counterfeit and the coining of words was often associated with spurious linguistic inventions; for example, in George Puttenham's The arte of English poesie, 1589:

"Young schollers not halfe well studied... will seeme to coigne fine wordes out of the Latin."

Shakespeare, the greatest coiner of them all, also referred to the coining of language in Coriolanus, 1607:

"So shall my Lungs Coine words till their decay."

Quoin has been retained as the name of the wedge-shaped keystones or corner blocks of buildings. Printers also use the term as the name for the expandable wedges that are used to hold lines of type in place in a press. This has provoked some to suggest that 'coin a phrase' derives from the process of quoining (wedging) phrases in a printing press. That is not so. 'Quoin a phrase' is recorded nowhere and 'coining' meant 'creating' from before the invention of printing in 1440. Co-incidentally, printing does provide us with a genuine derivation that links printing with linguistic banality - cliché. This derives from the French cliquer, from the clicking sound of the stamp used to make metal typefaces.

'Coin a phrase' itself arises much later than the invention of printing - the 19th century in fact. It appears to be American in origin - it certainly appears in publications there long before any can be found from any other parts of the world. The earliest use of the term that I have found is in the Wisconsin newspaper The Southport American, July 1848:

"Had we to find... a name which should at once convey the enthusiasm of our feelings towards her, we would coin a phrase combining the extreme of admiration and horror and term her the Angel of Assassination."

Sourced at

Friday, 7 June 2013

Your Chance To Win Some Books

I have  5 Kindle copies of Mad Days Of Me: Escaping Barcelona by Henry Martin to give away!!!!!!!! On top of these great give aways. I also have for one lucky person the Mad Days Of Me Trilogy, in old school tree book format signed by the author.

So how do you go into the running for one of these great prizes? Easy either leave a comment on this thread. Follow me on twitter or pop into my Facebook page and comment. The winners will be randomly selected and announced right here on the 22nd of June 2013.

The Lazy Book Reviewer would like to thank Henry Martin for making this give away possible. Support Indie Authors and put yourself in the running for one of these give aways and remember if you like the book let others know about

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Calculus Has Never Been So Bitchy

The Cockwork Universe by Edward Dolnick

This book looks at the birth of modern science and the men who thought it into the world. The book is set around the end of the Seventeenth century; we have a cast of characters that we are all familiar with including Isaac Newton, Galileo and many other members of the Royal Society. The author goes to great length to put us into the mindset of the people of the time. This makes the discoveries made by these men all the more outstanding. As they ideas and thoughts they put forward were as amazing as if someone today proved and demonstrated time travel.

The world of science at the time is shown warts and all, with some great dummy spits thrown in for laughs. The shear nastiness and narcissism of some of the worlds greatest ever minds is scary. So don your powder wigs and pull up your stockings and prepare to be entertained by the skull duggery and brilliance that bore witness to what today, we take as a given.

3 Stars

Book Give Away Coming Soon

I am excited to announce that I am in the final stages of organising the first book give away for this blog. There will be 5 ebooks up for grabs as well as a set of signed books. So keep an eye out for more details as they will be not far away.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Worms A New Appreciation

The Worm Book by Loren Nan Carrow & Janet Hogan Tyler

Why read a book on worms I hear you say. Because worms are amazing creatures and I wanted to learn how to become a worm farmer. I read this book because I was looking for information for a proposal I am putting together for Worm Farming as an industry in the prison where I work. Did I get the information I was after? Yes I did. After reading this book I had a clear idea for a business plan to harness the might of the worm. My understanding of all things wormy was greatly increased by this book. It is amazing the amount of refuse these little critters go through. Via the humble worm I should be able to cut down on the amount of landfill produced by my work environment by up to 70%. So impressed and excited was I about what worms can do I have set up my own little worm ranch at home.

So why only 3 stars? The last couple of chapters of the book was dedicated to poetry, songs and recipes all to do with worms. Why I get the author really digs worms I could have done without the worm love. Also as a non-American reader it would have been handy to have the measurements and ratios in metric as well as US imperial. This might sound pedantic but I had to spend a bit of time converting these into a form I could get my head around.

3 Stars

Saturday, 1 June 2013

A Shining Examle Of What Indie Authors Have To Offer

Mad Days Of Me: Finding Eivissa by Henry Martin

I was fortunate enough to get my hands on an advanced copy of this book, and boy I was pleased that I did. I started reading this book expecting the same explosive first chapter as the previous book in the series. But that was not to be, what I got instead was a seamless narrative which allowed me to very quickly get back into the story. Finding Eivssa manages to be a completely different type of book than the first while managing to keep the narrative flowing. I found it very hard to fit this book into a genre and that for me is a good thing. What I got was a refreshing read that was driven along by realistic characters and realistic relationships.

I found myself just reading another couple of pages to find out what was going to happen next and this is a sure sign of a great read. The main character is someone that I want things to go well for, and my heart was in my mouth every time it looked like thing were going pear shaped. The truly amazing aspect to this book was the fact it had a romantic thread to it. Normally this would have me running to the hills screaming like a banshee but in this book it had the reverse effect. I found the relationship it revolved around compelling and it added an extra layer to the plot. I can't wait to see were the last book in this trilogy takes me. If it is like the first two it will be somewhere unexpected and refreshing.

4 Stars