Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Calculus Has Never Been So Bitchy

The Cockwork Universe by Edward Dolnick

This book looks at the birth of modern science and the men who thought it into the world. The book is set around the end of the Seventeenth century; we have a cast of characters that we are all familiar with including Isaac Newton, Galileo and many other members of the Royal Society. The author goes to great length to put us into the mindset of the people of the time. This makes the discoveries made by these men all the more outstanding. As they ideas and thoughts they put forward were as amazing as if someone today proved and demonstrated time travel.

The world of science at the time is shown warts and all, with some great dummy spits thrown in for laughs. The shear nastiness and narcissism of some of the worlds greatest ever minds is scary. So don your powder wigs and pull up your stockings and prepare to be entertained by the skull duggery and brilliance that bore witness to what today, we take as a given.

3 Stars

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