Monday, 3 June 2013

Worms A New Appreciation

The Worm Book by Loren Nan Carrow & Janet Hogan Tyler

Why read a book on worms I hear you say. Because worms are amazing creatures and I wanted to learn how to become a worm farmer. I read this book because I was looking for information for a proposal I am putting together for Worm Farming as an industry in the prison where I work. Did I get the information I was after? Yes I did. After reading this book I had a clear idea for a business plan to harness the might of the worm. My understanding of all things wormy was greatly increased by this book. It is amazing the amount of refuse these little critters go through. Via the humble worm I should be able to cut down on the amount of landfill produced by my work environment by up to 70%. So impressed and excited was I about what worms can do I have set up my own little worm ranch at home.

So why only 3 stars? The last couple of chapters of the book was dedicated to poetry, songs and recipes all to do with worms. Why I get the author really digs worms I could have done without the worm love. Also as a non-American reader it would have been handy to have the measurements and ratios in metric as well as US imperial. This might sound pedantic but I had to spend a bit of time converting these into a form I could get my head around.

3 Stars

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