Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Yet More Confessions

When do you know you have too many books?

Do I really need to by that book?

That is the question that faces me nearly daily. As you all know I have a book addiction and it is not getting any better. Currently I have over 100 unread books sitting on my Kindle and about 30 unread dead tree books sitting on my book shelf.I have also about 15 audiobook unlistened to. One would think that this is plenty of books to keep one happy for quite a while. So why do I keep on buying more and more books. I just have to have them. I like knowing they are their sitting for me and waiting for the time they are read and enjoyed.

So were to from here? Well as far as an addiction go this one is not that bad. The cost is relatively low and it does not impact on how I function in society or relate to other people. So I guess I’ll just stay hopelessly addicted to books and try to cut down a little bit. In the meantime I hope you all keep enjoying this Blog this fruit of my addiction.


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