Monday, 8 July 2013

A Sucker Punch Of An Ending

Mad Days of Me: Eluding Reality by Henry Martin

Eluding Reality wraps up the Mad Days of Me Trilogy and like the other two books this one delivers a different style of story. This book mainly deals with the main character Rudy's issues in dealing with what he has gone through in the other two books. He feels lost and disassociated from his surroundings and begins to question his own sanity. Old friends are visited, tough decisions are made and demons are faced. The book concludes like the trilogy started with a sucker punch of a chapter. I was in two minds about the ending but I found myself thinking more and more about it. After pondering it's meaning over a couple of days it dawned on me that this was a great book. I mean it's not often I find myself pondering the end, days after I have finished a book. With this in mind the ending will not sit well with some readers. The ability for this author to make you care for the main character Rudy in these book and to see life through his eyes is where the gold lies in this series. There is no way in the world I would want Rudy as friend but I was compelled to keep reading as I cared what happened to him.

4 Stars

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  1. Michael,

    Thank you for all your reviews and for giving so much attention to my work. Bloggers like you are what keeps us independent authors going.