Thursday, 29 August 2013

The Mother Of All Viruses

I really enjoyed this book but I would not label it a Zombie novel. Why there is a fair share of dead people coming back alive, the book concentrates more on the virus causing it. 

What was clear to me is that the author has a firm grasp on virology and this lends to the realistic hue to plot, this for me added to the horror of the tale. The story starts with the spread of the virus throughout the world and the devastation it brings.

From this the story evolves into two distinct narratives, one being that of a military group and refugees trying to stay one step ahead.  The other group includes a Morning Star expert, journalist and a rogue NSA agent. Their tales run parallel to each other intertwining ever so slightly.

Plague of the Dead will have me coming back for book two and I hope it delivers as much action and suspense as this one. 

3.5 Star

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