Monday, 30 September 2013

The Jury Is Out

I had to think long and hard before writing this review. Running with Scissors is definitely not your average memoir and this is good and bad. There is much to like and dislike about this book and I can see how it has divided the readers.

What we have is the story of a kid that is bought up in the most dysfunctional settings you could imagine. We have a psychotic mother, unloving father, and a psychiatrist that should be in jail and just to mix things up a paedophile is chucked into the mix. Initially I was overwhelmed by all the craziness of the narrative but it also possessed a certain quirky charm. But as the story progressesd some very disturbing elements start to rear their ugly head. This is where I started to struggle with this memoir as the impacts of these elements are underplayed and almost painted over.

This book is certain worth the read but expect to be challenged and disturbed by it. It is a great reflection on the author's strength of character that he is not in a padded cell some well. I am still digesting this read and this speaks of the quality of the writing. What I have got out of it is still up in the air and in time my opinion may change on this book.

3 Stars

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