Monday, 16 September 2013

Seriously I Really Do Not Want To Go

I loved this book it was such a refreshing and highly entertaining read. What would you do if the world you lived in was an average Sci-fi TV show and you were only an extra on said show? Well for one thing you would avoid like the plague being a member of any team that involved one of the main charters and a trip to a unfamiliar planet. This is exactly what the crew of the Intrepid do frequently, they don't know exactly why but it seems like a good plan if you want to stay alive.

This is in a nutshell the mechanics of this book and it delivers a great story that will have any Sci-fi fan in stitches. The author has crafted a wonderful tale that I am sure will surface every time I watch some Sci-fi. A tale of love lost and friends killed that will tug at your heart string.......sorry the narrative must have taken over. Anyway do yourself a favour and give this book a read.

4.5 Stars and the LBR Tick of Approval

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