Sunday, 1 September 2013

When Fact Is Scarier Than Fiction

Scarier than any Orwellian novel, The Forsaken takes us on a journey into the terror that was unleashed upon Russia by Stalin. The author follows the Americans that were lured to the USSR by the promise of a better life, free from the depression that was paralysing America at the time. For a while their life was good and all that was promised to them seemed within reach. Then Russia was plunged into the Terror where you could trust no one not even your children.

The Americans soon found themselves being taken away in the middle of the night, across the vastness of the Motherland and prisoners in the massive Gulag system. Feeding the economy through the natural riches found in Russia they bleed, suffered and died for their piece of socialist paradise.

The author does more than tell the tale of these unfortunate souls, he uses them as introduction to one of the most heinous crimes ever committed. For around 20 years the average Russians new nothing but fear and paranoia, no one was safe. He also looks at how the American government buried their heads in the sand and ignored pleas from the families left in the US to find their family members.

This book is a masterpiece of historic research and writing. The author strikes a great mix of politics and the human side to Stalin's great terror. This book rings true in the old adage, the victor writes the history, as the world for so long was unaware of this great tragedy. This book is an immensely important piece of work.

5 Stars and the Lazy Book Reviewer Tick Of Approval!

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