Friday, 25 October 2013

A Solid Debut


A great debut novel by J.J Marshall that delivers one hell of a punch. He paints a world that is dying as the ozone is depleted. Humanity has reached to the stars for its salvation as the refugees of earth clamber for the limited spaces in various space stations and moon bases. A group called the board control the fate of humanity and they are planning to cut their losses and abandoned earth and all that remain on it to their fate.

Here is where the story picks up pace as a small home grown terrorist group get wind of the boards plans and set about exposing it as well as trying to wipe out the board. The story builds up into an ending fitting of any Hollywood blockbuster. Throughout the story the main characters of the book are expertly fleshed out by the author. Their strengths and weakness suck you into the story and hold your hand tightly right through to the end.

Like all good openers to a series this book promises so much more in its next instalment. Let’s hope it delivers because it is shaping up as a fantastic serious.

4.5 Stars

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