Saturday, 5 October 2013

Gemini Syndrome Lux

It's been a long time since I have been so excited by a band or album, but Gemini Syndromes debut album Lux has me that excited I just might lose bladder control. It is by far the best album I have heard this side of the new century. Now don't expect album reviews to become a regular feature on this blog but I just have to tell you all how good this album is. Lux delivers on every track from the blistering opening track Pleasure & Pain to the last track Lux there is not one track on this album I want to skip. 

For me Gemini Syndrome has reached a perfect balance between fantasic heavy driving  rifts and powerful melodic driven rhythm. Aaron Nordstrom vocals are nothing short of brilliant. This combined with the tapesrty of music weaved by Rich Juzwik (Guitar), Rich Juzwick (guitarist), Mike Salerno (guitarist/backing vocals), Brian Steele Medina (drummer), and Alessandro Paveri (bassist) deliver a killer sound.  This album is for the hard-core alternative metal fans to a more mainstream listener. The tracks range from the aggressive to some soulful lyric driven tracks. If I had to pick two tracks from a stellar bunch Pleasure & Pain and Stardust would be the ones.

I am struggling to think of a band that has delivered a more highly accomplished and complete debut album then this LA band. So just don't sit there get the album and see for yourself and prepare for your ears to get a treat.

5 Big Stars and the Lazy Book Reviewers Tick of Approval

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