Friday, 29 November 2013

A Bit Disappointed

I have been hanging out to read this novel for ages and have to say I was a tad disappointed. The Remaining is a decent enough novel but does not stand out in the crowded market of Post-Apocalypse novels.
The plot shows a lot of promise that was never fully explored. The characters are likable and believable but it is in the details that the book disappointed. For example when the characters are suffering from dehydration they go to a creek and wash some gore off them. The question I ask is why no one bothered to drink from this water if they were so thirsty. This may be me nit-picking but it is the little thing that makes a good story great.
This series has got a lot of positive hype and reviews. With this in mind I am willing to give the series the benefit of doubt and give the next book a read. Fingers crossed the little things are all good.
3 Stars

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  1. But don't you just LOVE Captain Lee Hardin of the United States Army!!?? LOL