Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Published in 1932 Still Relevant Today

Age has not taken the shine of this classic dystopian novel. I was very surprised when half way through reading this book I found it was first published in 1932. The book reads like a modern day novel with many of the concepts raised by this book still very relevant. His foresight is astounding I mean there is not much a jump from his bottle babies to that of "Test Tube" babied of today. I found myself wondering what Aldous would think of the designer baby debate going on at the moment. 

Apart from the timeliness of this book he delivers a captivating story. There is no skull skulduggery, romance of mystery to drive along the narrative. What we get instead is a great study of the human condition and what happens when two separate ways of living come together.  A fantastic reality that is brought to life within the pages of this book.  I for one would not mind living in this reality, only if I was an Alpha or a Beta at least. How have I made it to this point in my life without hearing of this book before, I hang my head in shame.

4.5 Stars

About the Author

Aldous Leonard Huxley was an English writer and one of the most prominent members of the famous Huxley family. He spent the latter part of his life in the United States, living in Los Angeles from 1937 until his death in 1963. Best known for his novels and wide-ranging output of essays, he also published short stories, poetry, travel writing, and film stories and scripts. Through his novels and essays Huxley functioned as an examiner and sometimes critic of social mores, norms and ideals. Huxley was a humanist but was also interested towards the end of his life in spiritual subjects such as parapsychology and philosophical mysticism. By the end of his life Huxley was considered, in some academic circles, a leader of modern thought and an intellectual of the highest rank.

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