Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Life & Death At Over 28,000 ft

This is my first book on Mountain Climbing so I have no base for comparison. Overall I enjoyed this book and it gave me great insight and background to Mt Everest and the quest to climb it. I was quite surprised by how commercial it has become and found the line ups to summit quite comical and surreal.

The book focuses on the climbing season of 2006 which resulted in 11 deaths. The author looks at these deaths and how some where left to die. It highlights the difficulties of rescue at high altitude and the hard choices that need to be made. To me the book seems to skim over some issues that should have been looked at in more depth. Life and death at Everest is full of decisions based on survival that often fly in the face of morality. Why this book goes a long way to opening up the secretive world at the top of the world it left me with more questions than answers.
3 Stars

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