Wednesday, 18 December 2013

The First Ever "Lazy" Awards

Welcome to the inaugural "Lazy" awards. This is where I chose my favourite fiction and non-fiction read of the year. Also I name my favourite new author, short story, worst read and audiobook for 2013.


It was a tough choice this year for my favourite Fiction book, with it being a toss-up of two books. These being:

Ultimately the first ever Lazy goes to Tim 2 by Mark Tufo just for the plain hilarious wrongness of this book. It is so anti politically correct that it should come with a warning. For those of you who missed the review please read on.

Tim 2 Review

This book is so twisted and wrong that is so so so right. Mark Tufo reigns supreme yet again delivering another spectacular book in his unique style. Tim the clown is back with his side kick Hugh the zombie, and what's this they have a fat geek called Clarence coming along for the ride as well. The only problem is they all occupy the same body, or should I say their consciousness do. As you can imagine there is not much room in there and Tim and Hugh do not play well with others.

Tim makes the clown from IT look like a Granny in a knitting circle. He is more than happy to help Hugh find food, that is people, and eat them. Tim is one of the most deranged and psychotic characters ever to be put on paper. What do I like so much about Tim? Tim is so politically incorrect that it is hilarious; he is so sick and demented that you cannot help but love him. This book is not for the squeamish but if you can get past the gore you will be rewarded by one the most awesome characters ever. That's right trend setters I said awesome and I make no apologies for it. Mr. Tufo I take my hat off to you yet again.

Non Fiction                                                                             

The non-fiction Lazy goes to Stiff by Mary Roach:


Stiff Review

This book was a fascinating and educational look at the history of human cadavers and how the livings have used them. This book is one of those rare reads and is the reason I love reading. It gives me a great insight on a subject matter where I had none before, and leaves me with a thirst to find out more. The author takes the rather macabre and serious subject of our mortal remains and looks at how they have been used to better society and save lives. I found Mary Roach strikes a nice balance of respect and humour in dealing with this socially taboo subject. From organ donations to human composting this book covers a wide subject matter and left me with a new outlook and thoughts and how best my corpse might help others.

Best New Author

I have been very spoiled this year in offerings from new authors. No longer are we restricted to the whims of major publishing houses. The self-publishing boom has uncovered some very impressive talent. For me this year I cannot go pass Nicholas Sansbury Smith for a Lazy. He has delivered not one but two novels and three short stories for the year. He is in my opinion an exciting new author who I think has a big writing future in front of him.


Biomass Revolution Review:
The author has bought to life on the pages of this novel a compelling and frightening vision of a dystopian world. A society that has risen out of the ashes of nuclear winter whose leaders rule through fear and misinformation and oppress the freedom of its citizens. The state is monopolising the near endless fuel source known as Biomass, that if shared could bring relief from the agonizing deaths and suffering of the banished masses.

A small band of revolutionaries struggle to bring the government down and to free the citizens. This book has all the ingredients for a great read and does not disappoint. A sumptuous novel of epic proportions that left me wanting seconds. Nicholas Smith has delivered a fresh vision in a well-worn genre.
Orbs Review:
ORBS is a fast moving captivating Sc-Fi thriller. The science of the book has obviously been well researched and this adds to the enjoyment of the read. This book makes the Green House effect look like a storm in a tea cup. The characters are well developed and this pulls you into the story even more. I especially love the "blue orbs" they are one of the most bad ass and scariest things around. ORBS delivers yet another enthralling read from this major new talent and has me salivating for more. This book has received my vote in the Goodreads Best of 2013 for best Sci-Fi book.
Worst Read Of The Year:
This was a tough Lazy to award as I did not read any real clunkers this year. But after giving it much thought the award goes to Ghost in the Wires by Kevin Mitnick. The authors ego gets in the way of a great story. As we say at my work place "Go on about it" and that he did.

Ghost In The Wires Review:

Ghost in the wire is the tell all memoirs of the World’s best known Hacker Kevin Mitnick. While the subject matter of the book is fascinating as well as frightening the author loves to let you know how good he is. I lost count of how many times he comes out with” who else but Mitnick would”.... Seriously get over yourself. Yes you are clever, yes you did outrun the Feds for years and yes you are famous. But I knew all this before I picked up the book. Ego aside this is as mentioned before a fascinating read, you just have to push the authors big head aside to get to the essence of the book.
Best Audiobook
One of the ways I can chew through so many books is to listen to the unabridged audio formats. Some of these books take some serious commitment as the run over 30 hours. The average though is a manageable eleven hours. I listen to them while driving back and forward from work. I listen while doing the dishes, vacuuming, mowing the lawns or walking the dogs. As you can see from the previous sentence I am a highly trained domestic male. Audiobooks are one of the ways I quell my reading addiction.

The Lazy for best Audiobook goes to Redshirts by John Scalzi. The combination of a great story and great narrator, that being Wil Wheaton of Star Trek fame, combined for a memorable listen.

Redshirts Review:
I loved this book it was such a refreshing and highly entertaining read. What would you do if the world you lived in was an average Sci-fi TV show and you were only an extra on said show? Well for one thing you would avoid like the plague being a member of any team that involved one of the main charters and a trip to a unfamiliar planet. This is exactly what the crew of the Intrepid do frequently, they don't know exactly why but it seems like a good plan if you want to stay alive.

This is in a nutshell the mechanics of this book and it delivers a great story that will have any Sci-fi fan in stitches. The author has crafted a wonderful tale that I am sure will surface every time I watch some Sci-fi. A tale of love lost and friends killed that will tug at your heart string.......sorry the narrative must have taken over. Anyway do yourself a favour and give this book a read.

The Lazy Book Reviewer Jr Award:
After managing to pull Jr. away from Skyrim he had no hesitation in giving his Lazy to Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. This came as no surprise to me as since introducing my son to this book in Audio format as it is all he listens to. This book has launched a fascination with him in all things "Old School Geek". This ranges from Atari 2600 games to movie classics like WarGames.

Ready Player One Review:

This book rocks it never stopped surprising and entertaining me from the opening chapter to the end. The author spins a tale that had me staying up late many a night just to read a little bit more. As well as creating a world that is not much of a stretch to believe is around the corner. He pays homage to the history of the humble computer game as well as to their forefathers the never forgotten book driven RPG games such as Dungeon & Dragons. I was like a kid in a candy shop as I was taken for a stroll along memory lane as games, films and TV shows are bought up in the story.

The story is where the book hits a home run. A world where fossil fuel and real jobs are rare. Most of humanity lives in a virtual world called Oasis the ultimate social networking and MMO all rolled into one. It is in the Oasis the story runs rampart, we have our hero, a quest and an evil corporation trying to change and corrupt the Oasis forever. This book is for anyone who was bought up in the 80's or has a passing interest in gaming or anything geeky. Even if you do not fit these categories give this book a try and prepare to be entertained.



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