Thursday, 5 December 2013

The Rise Of The Fuzzy Nation

This is my second John Scalzi novel and I am in danger of becoming a huge fan. In this book delivers a tale of the destructive nature of man's greed. This is all packaged in homage to H. Beam Pipers Fuzzy series.

The Fuzzy's planet is being torn apart in the search for minerals and their very existence is in danger. Helps comes from an obnoxious, self-centred arrogant miner with a nice dog. It's the downtrodden versus the ‘MAN’ and the resulting showdown is worthy of any Vegas title fight.

This book delivers a highly entertaining character driven narrative. The world we are thrown into is a bright and vibrant one in which the exploitation of other worlds is running rife. Many current day issues are explored in this book such as native title and good corporate citizenship. I look forward to reading my next Scalzi novel.

4.5 Stars

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