Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Cold War Skulduggery

This book is a great look into the world of espionage during the peak of the Cold War. It introduces us to many of the main players as well as the politics of the day. This is all delivered by telling the story of a daring operation that is straight out of a screenplay. A joint initiative from the British and Americans dig a tunnel right up to where one day the Berlin wall will stand. From this tunnel they tap the phone lines and start recording all they hear. Then one day this tunnel is discovered by some “workers” looking for a leak. The KGB pounces on this opportunity and has a field day using it for anti-American propaganda.

I enjoyed the author’s style and found this book a very easy and engaging read. It has all you expect from a novel about espionage from the double agents to the clandestine meetings. But this is not a novel it is a true story and that just added to my interest in this book. It has kindled the fire in me to learn more about the Cold War the quite battle of intel gathering.

3.5 Stars

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