Saturday, 25 January 2014

Zombies But Not As You Know Them

This is my second Peter Clines book and like the first this one has not disappointed. What we have is a Zombie vs. Superheroes storyline dressed up for a wider audience. I loved how the author chops and changes the narrative to keep the tempo up. I especially loved the chapter that was told from only one side of a conversation.  I would love an entire book wrote in this manner (Mr Clines that was a hint).
The story is simple and easy to follow and even though this book is full of zombies it does not feel like a zombie book. The book is far from original, yes there is a virus and the "ex's" need a shot to the head to truly die, but what it delivers is a cracking story. Chuck into the mix Superheroes each with their own unique powers and we have a geek nirvana. Oh did I also mention that when a Superhero dies they become a Super-Ex. I probably should mention that as it whacks up the geek squeal factor a couple of notches. This is a series is one I can see myself quickly devouring.
4.5 Stars

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