Saturday, 22 February 2014

A Great Study In Leadership

A very interesting read if not a slightly misleading title. What you get in this book is a look at Franklin D Roosevelt’s leadership of the USA into war. Pearl Harbour is the catalyst for this but if you are looking for a history of the Pearl Harbour incident look elsewhere.

The author gives us great insight on the high level of leadership required to take a nation to a war footing and rally a nation. This is my first book on FDR and I found this book gives a great understanding of the man and how he came to lead a nation. It is amazing to think that the public and many politicians had no idea how incapacitated the man was from polio. The lengths he went to hide his disability is truly amazing, and shows his strength of character when put into context regarding the time he lived.

The old saying that it is lonely on top is highlighted in this book as FDR moves to protect the nation from the shock of Pearl Harbour and to soothe their nerves. It also shows the obstacles he faced from a nation wanting to remain neutral. His vision and leadership should be studied be all with an interest in this area. Overall a great study into leadership and strength of character.

3.5 Stars

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