Thursday, 20 February 2014

Betrayal Is A Step Away

The final book in the Kamas trilogy delivers a story that can stand on its own feet. We are taken another journey into the dystopian world where the US is ran by a President for Life and freedom is just a word. Once again we go inside the labour camps where enemy of the state or sent to rot and die.

This time we follow the story of an agent of the state who has spent his life tracking down the enemies of the state in the European safe havens. He soon comes caught up in a deadly game of betrayal and greed that finds him in a labour camp abandoned by the state and fighting to survive. Without giving away the story this book has all the ingredients for a top class thriller. There are twists mixed with adventure and betrayal and good helping of redemption. I can only hope the author decided to return to the world of Kamas one day as there is so much to explore.

4 Stars

* This book is yet to be published links will provided after its release. 

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