Monday, 3 February 2014

Busted an Advanced Review

I was lucky enough to be given an advanced copy of this book by the publisher for review. This book is due for release on March the 11th 2014. So read on for my thoughts on this book it may be one you will want to put on your calender to read this year.

I went into this book not quite knowing what to expect. Was it going to be a compendium of the newspaper articles that won the authors a Pulitzer or was it going to be the story behind the story? I was happy to find out that it was the latter.

The book starts off with a great first chapter that introduces us to all the main players in this real life thriller and sets the tone for the rest of the book. What we get from this book is a journalist view of the pressure and danger they put themselves in to chase the truth, a truth that gets scarier the deeper they dig. What start off as an investigation into a narcotics cop inappropriate relationship with his informant and the falsifying of information for search warrants. Soon expands into an investigation of a police squad out of control robbing and sexually harassing citizens to scared to report them.

This book tells the story of the lengths that the authors go to expose police corruption and the danger they put themselves in to do so. This story reads like an action thriller and leaves the reader breathless as it tears through the pages.

4.5 Stars

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