Monday, 24 February 2014

Hell 1.0

Hell 1.0 by William JacobsHere is the next review from the  Bookie Monster

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

When William Jacobs contacted me to review Hell 1.0, I was intrigued by the thought of a book that readers could influence. I kept thinking of the end of that movie Clue when they gave us the “This is what could have happened”. Creating a book by version, and allowing for alternate endings based on reader feedback is genius and quite frankly like nothing I have read before.

In an ever changing landscape, where if you lose sight of your party you risk drifting and never finding them again, Hell 1.0 is an unsettling read. The entire time I was reading, I kept thinking “oh $hit, if there really is a Hell, I really need to make sure I don’t end up in it”. There are no levels to Jacobs Hell. It’s simple…you do bad things, you end up there, it doesn’t matter if you’re a murderer, a cheater, or a two bit thief.

There are no zombies, hell-hounds or monsters in the traditional sense. Jacob’s monsters are the people themselves. When Recent car crash victim Paul arrives in Hell he joins up with a not so merry band of men. Grey, his mentor for lack of a better word, takes him under his wing and decides to make a change in Hell. While Paul may be the main character, it becomes quickly evident that Grey has the most depth and complexity. Time is irrelevant, as the years just seem to pass. Grey no longer wants to be bound by the rules of Hell and wants to create a better place to live out his eternity. Breaking the cycle, he tries to show his followers a better way to exist, at the same time warring with his internal demons.

Using sexual prowess is a role we have seen female characters play out over and over again, but in Hell women have the ultimate power. I both despise and admire Sheila for her ingenuity at surviving, and thriving, in this wasteland. She wields power over each man and they wait on her hand and foot vying for her small attentions.

Food? Forget it! All there is to eat is bugs unless you turn to cannibalism, which is the norm rather than the exception. And all dead things die and come back to life, unless eaten. Coming back to life is excruciating, as your body weaves itself back together. And when you do, you’re usually someone bitch. There are no tools, homes, cars. Not even any clothes other than what someone is wearing when they die.

William Jacobs has succeeded in sending my mind reeling. I’ll admit, I’m not usually a deep thinker. Hell 1.0 will force even the most superficial mind to question their morality and take stock of their lives. This book will challenge readers. Seriously, I’m trying to sift through my thoughts on it and it’s got me going nuts.

So, my little hell minions, next time you think about cheating on your wife or committing those bad deeds, think about the final repercussions of those actions. I for one do not want to end up in this Hell.

Review by Shana Festa

3 Stars

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