Monday, 10 February 2014

What Could Have Been

Colony delivers an old fashion haunting story with a demonic twist. The story centres on an island whose bleak landscape hides a mystery. A team lands on the island to try and explain the Islands dark past. Equipped with all that technology can offer the team comes up against the evil that dwells upon its shores. An evil that doesn’t give a dam if you can get a phone signal or not.

The book goes along at a steady rate and the mystery is slowly revealed to the reader.  The characters are a tad cliché and I felt more time could have been given to their development. What really disappointed me with this book was the end. It finished way to quick and abruptly for me and I was left feeling cheated. All the elements where there for a titanic end but what I got was a fizzer and yes I was not happy. This book has so much potential but at the end it fell way short of the mark.

2.5 Stars

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