Saturday, 22 March 2014

A Fascinating Anthology

Not one to normally read Anthologies I found myself strangely attracted to this collection of stories. The authors have delivered five great tales all based in a world they all had a hand in making. This book is very much a concept driven book in which the authors clearly articulate their goal and theme of the book. Each story builds on and around the others taking the reader on a tour of this new world.

The stories in this book revolve around a future society. It is a society where whole cities survive in of the grid. Where secret worlds live within others cities and some cities can form and disappear within a day. Each story is unique but as pointed out earlier they all entwine together to deliver a vision of our possible future.

Another aspect of the book which I liked was how the project leader John Scalzi gives us insight to the creative process and collaboration behind its creation. Overall I found each read entertaining and hope that some of these stories are followed up into more substantial bodies of work. So do yourself a favour and have a look at what this anthology has to offer.

4.5 Stars

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