Sunday, 16 March 2014

A Quick Couple Of Reads

If you a looking for a quick and engaging read you can't go wrong with these two gems.

This book is a very powerful piece of writing packed into only 35 pages. This book takes a first-hand look at the last vestiges of a former Leper colony. It astounded me that people used to be sentenced to the island for having leprosy. Even though only a snapshot the author managers to give the reader a great insight into the people and history oft his last Leprosy colony.

What can I say I love Paul Ham’s books; he has a great talent in making history dance of the pages. While 1913 is only a small offering running at 81 pages he still manages to engage the reader from the very first page. This book is a lead in to his much more substantial body of work 1914 ,and on the eve of the 100th year since World War I broke out it is a very pertinent read.

What we get in 1913 as you would expect is the lead up to the war. He looks at the social and political landscape of the era. He goes along away in getting the reader to see how numerous societies across had a glorified and romantic view on War. I came away from this book with a new view on the pre-cursors to WWI and with the appetite to delve into his next book. For those of you yet to experience the brilliance of Paul Ham this is a great introduction.

5 Stars

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