Saturday, 29 March 2014

Destined To Become A Classic

The SIN of Addison Hall is a breath of fresh air in the crowded Dystopian genre. The reader is taken in to a world preoccupied with beauty so much that your looks determine your place in society. The citizens are placed in a caste based on their looks from the cursed to the blessed. Your caste determines every aspect of your life from the food you can eat to the jobs you can undertake.

It is in this world we meet our hero of sorts Addison Hall. Addison is a member of the second lowest caste the Burdened. This Burdened bumbles from day to day suffering the injustices of his caste. One day he learns that his caste is set for extermination, as the leadership blames them and the cursed for the society’s woes. Sound familiar? Well it should as this a leaf out of the Third Reich’s book. As a WWII geek I loved how the author uses mistakes of our past to link us to his created world. It goes so far that the people in power are called Face-ist instead of Fascist, a fact that gave me a great chuckle.

This book does not follow your traditional narrative but this is what gives the book its freshness. The characters are well developed and have many a flaw that ingratiates them to the reader. Never has self-depreciation been used so well in a book. The end of the book is truly amazing and leaves many questions unanswered. Usually this annoys me as a ploy by the author to ensure you buy their next book. But in the SINS of Addison Hall this is a very fitting end to the book and leaves you pondering the question of what entail true happiness. Well done Mr Onorato on a stellar d├ębut I see big things in your future, maybe a bit of Botox may smooth the way.
5 Stars

LBR Tick Of Approval

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