Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Am I Really Born To Run?

I picked this book up on sale on as the cover grabbed my interest. I would like to point out that I have never had much interest in running for the sake of running. For me running was something I used to do on the rugby or soccer field. I went into this book expecting an interesting adventure travel read based around running.

As this book went along I found myself looking at my lifestyle and re-evaluating my anti-running stance. This book tells the story of one man quest to find a tribe of legendary Mexican runners. Along the way we are introduced to a cast of colourful characters that are all connected through their love of ultra-running. It talks about how the human body is designed for running, and how before the advent of sneakers planter factitious and other running ailments were none existent. It introduces the reader to the world of ultra-running. Before reading this book I had no idea of what ultra-running was and by its end I was on the hunt for more books on the subject.

This book as a story is a ripping read that is highly entertaining and is full of characters larger than life. On a personal level it has gave me a desire to do what the human body is designed for and that is to run. Time will see if it this desire ends up being a flash in the pan or leads to a life of running.
5 Stars

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