Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Ho Hum

Savage Continent tells the story of Europe after the end of World War II. This book for me is well written but gave me no new insights into the subject. Why the book is well set out I quite often found myself skipping over sections. With that in mind I would recommend this book for someone new to the subject matter as it does give a good overview.

As one would expect this book is filled with some rather disturbing scenes of the violence that swept across Europe in the wake of the war. I found that this was not balanced by some of the positive aspects and stories from this period. As an avid World War II buff I admit that this period of time was just as violent as the actual war, but this was just one aspect of the period. This book did not paint the complete picture of post war Europe and that for me stopped this book from being a 5 star read.

3.5 Stars



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