Tuesday, 8 April 2014

What Will You Do When The World Ends

The Perseid Collapse follows on from Konkoly's excellent book the Jakarta Pandemic and like the previous book it a fantastic read from start to finish. His second book is set six years after the flu pandemic that bought the USA and the world to its knees. The world is finally back to normal what else can go wrong?

This story kicks into top gear fairly quickly with our heroes being thrown into a world of chaos. This is caused by an unexplained EMP blast and Tsunami that destroys large parts of the USA. It is put down as a meteor strike but the author gives us enough information to know otherwise. It is into this world our heroes are yet again thrown. Learning much from the previous disaster they put their plans into action. This book is an action packed thriller, in which they come face to face with the dark side of humanity as they race to save family living in Boston.

As a post-apocalyptic novel this book ticks all the boxes and manages to deliver a fresh fast paced narrative with well thought out and written characters. For me the true test of how good a book of this genre is comes down to how paranoid it makes me. This book had me looking around seeing how well prepared I will be if the end of the world comes and it is not looking good. I look forward with great excitement to the next novel in this series.

4.5 Stars


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