Saturday, 31 May 2014

Hold On While I Catch My Breath!!!!

This book grabs you from the very beginning and does not let you go until you way after the end, as you sit there trying to process the full extent of what you have just read.. For someone like me who is not a huge fan of murder thrillers this book delivered a lot more than I was expecting. The character and plot development was just superb and each chapter had that little hook to drag you further into the story. I am not going to go into the storyline here because I don't want to ruin or diminish any of the impact of this first rate story for the reader.

This book for me once again highlights to me all that is good about Indie authors and that is a vibrant and creative revolution of the publishing industry. I look forward to diving into more of this authors offerings in the near future.

5 Stars

Friday, 30 May 2014

As Told By The Original Cocaine Cowboy.....

There is so much I like about this book and much that did not sit well with me. Evan Wright tells us the story of the rise of the Cocaine Cowboys and the rise of Miami as the drug capitol of the USA. He tells this story mainly through the eyes of one of the original cowboys. The story is in two parts that run parallel with each other. We get an insight into the life of the cowboy post prison as the author spends a lot of time with Jon Roberts as he is told his tale. The second part is the life of ?Jon as a ruthless crime boss in which money is never a concern.

Both story arcs intertwined well together and told a highly interesting story of excess, greed, crime and violence.  This book delivered the high quality of journalistic investigation that I have come to expect and love of Evan Wright. What I did not like about this book was how he let Roberts drift off on tangents and the right way to inflict pain on someone. The first one had some merit as it let you see just how much a sociopath he was. But after that all it did was to allow Roberts to stoke his own ego.

Overall Evan Wright has delivered another great book that lets you look into the other side of society. He has a great knack of bringing the reader into the world of the subject matter he is writing about. Apart from my earlier quibbles I would still recommend this book without hesitation.

3.5 Stars

Saturday, 24 May 2014

I am back with a cracker of a read!!!!!

The Lazy Book Reviewer is back and all moved into his new abode. Coming up is some great reads so stay tuned for the reviews. First up is a fantastic book that reinforces why I love history so much.

Hanns & Rudolf is a extremely well put together story that tells a tale worthy of the silver screen. The book tells the parallel stories of the rise of the man who would run Auschwitz and the man who would ultimately bring him to justice.

The author takes great lengths to give the reader a great feel for these men's upbringing and the two contrasting lives they lived. I found myself time and again having to remind myself this was a true story. So good was the plot and character development it was easy to forget this fact.

Once again I find myself amazed at the quality of material that is still being written about WWII. Thomas Harding deserves a firm pat on the book for brining this little piece of history alive in the readers mind.

4.5 Stars

Friday, 16 May 2014

Moving House

The Lazy Book Reviewer is in the midst of moving to a new abode. This means that over the next two weeks I will be very quite. But rest assure I will return with a huge bag of new reviews. In the meanwhile feel free to go back and check out some of my old reviews.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

A Refreshing Change Of Scenery

This book delivers a refreshing and well though tale of the end of the world. Instead of nightmare vision of the world ending with a scream what we have is the human race bowing out with a whimper.

If you are expecting an action packed novel than this book is not for you. But if you want a highly engaging and intelligent read then this is what you are looking for. The storyline and character development are above par and I found myself getting lost within in the pages.

Without wanting to give away the plot all I can say is trust me and give this book a read. You will be entertained by this unique vision of the end of human race.
5 Stars