Saturday, 24 May 2014

I am back with a cracker of a read!!!!!

The Lazy Book Reviewer is back and all moved into his new abode. Coming up is some great reads so stay tuned for the reviews. First up is a fantastic book that reinforces why I love history so much.

Hanns & Rudolf is a extremely well put together story that tells a tale worthy of the silver screen. The book tells the parallel stories of the rise of the man who would run Auschwitz and the man who would ultimately bring him to justice.

The author takes great lengths to give the reader a great feel for these men's upbringing and the two contrasting lives they lived. I found myself time and again having to remind myself this was a true story. So good was the plot and character development it was easy to forget this fact.

Once again I find myself amazed at the quality of material that is still being written about WWII. Thomas Harding deserves a firm pat on the book for brining this little piece of history alive in the readers mind.

4.5 Stars

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