Tuesday, 17 June 2014

A Promising Start

John Scalzi's has delivered in his prequel Unlocked a promising start to his upcoming book Locked In. Unlocked packs a lot into its 32 pages and not one word is wasted as we are plunged into a world reeling from a mysterious virus. A virus that turns the bodies of some of its victims into prisons where the mind is free but the body is incapacitated. The victims fully aware of everything around them but can’t even blink at will.

I really liked the mechanics of this book with its documentary style of narrative. It gives the reader a great understanding of the history of the virus, its impact on society and how it is being dealt with. All this adds up to a great base that the author can launch us into the main story. It is a story I am yearning to delve into but alas I must wait for it release.
3.5 Stars


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