Wednesday, 25 June 2014

More Than Just Surviving

With Supersurvivors I found everything I like about science books nestled between its cover. This book takes a look at how some people find a new direction in life after surviving a traumatic experience. It does not gloss over the fact though that trauma is just that, a horrible experience that you would not wish on anyone.
Everyone has heard 'that' tale of someone whose traumatic life experience has given them the drive to go on to great things. The authors take a look at this phenomena and try to piece together the reason and science behind it. They achieve this by breaking the chapters up to cover a single topic like positive thinking or forgiveness. Each chapter tell the story of individuals, their trauma and how it changed them. From this we get a good sense of myriad of drivers that push people through and beyond their trauma.
This book is well balanced and thought out it delivers a highly engaging read. I particularly liked it's use of individuals story to support the authors findings. I must admit it also engaged the voyeur in me it was both fascinating and shocking to read what some people had lived through. 

4.5 stars

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